Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth, or third molar, are the last teeth to develop. They come in between the ages of 17 and 25. They may not need to be extracted if they grow in completely and are functional, painless, cavity-free, disease-free, and in a hygienic environment with healthy gum tissue. They do however require regular, professional cleaning, and annual check-ups with periodic x-rays to monitor for any changes.

When a tooth doesn’t fully grow in, it’s “impacted”–usually unable to break through the gums because there isn’t enough room. 90% of people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth and require wisdom tooth extraction. An impacted wisdom tooth can damage neighboring teeth or become infected. It can also affect the alignment of your teeth due to the extra crowding in the back of your mouth, particularly by your jawbone. Because it’s an area that’s hard to clean, it can also invite bacteria that lead to gum disease. Oral bacteria can also travel through your bloodstream can lead to infections and illnesses that affect your heart, kidneys, and other organs. In some cases, a cyst or tumor can form around the base of the impacted tooth, which can lead to more serious problems as it hollows out the jaw and damages surrounding nerves, teeth, root, and other parts of your mouth and face. To avoid such infections and damage to your health, it’s a good idea to speak to an expert about wisdom tooth removal.

Lincoln NE Oral Surgery Inverted Tooth
Lincoln NE Oral Surgery Wisdom Teeth Showing
Lincoln NE Oral Surgery Wisdom Teeth
Lincoln NE Oral Surgery Inverted Tooth Diagram

With an oral examination and x-rays of the mouth, Dr. Henry can evaluate the position of your wisdom teeth and determine if there are any present or future problems. Patients are generally first evaluated in the mid-teenage years by a dentist, orthodontist, or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon

All surgeries are performed under appropriate anesthesia to maximize patient comfort. Dr. Henry has the training and experience to provide various types of anesthesia for patients to select the best alternative.

Prices vary based on individual patient needs. Contact us today or complete our request an estimate form. Our business office would be happy to check with your insurance to determine if there are benefits available for wisdom teeth removal. Financing options are also available. If you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help with any inquiries that you may have.