Dental Implants

3d dental implant

More and more people are getting dental implants to replace missing teeth. They’re a long-term solution that is embedded in your jawbone, just like your natural teeth.  Unlike fixed bridges or removable dentures, dental implants will not affect neighboring healthy teeth or lead to bone loss in the jaw. If properly cared for, they can last a lifetime. This proceedure designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth

The replacement of a tooth consists of a few pieces. Many of ours consist of a titanium post that the oral surgeon places in the jawbone. After a few months, the post will fuse with the jawbone and become a stable base for the abutment and eventually the crown. The abutment attaches to the implant and sits just above the gumline. The crown is then positioned on the abutment by either a prosthodontist, oral surgeon or restorative dentist.

diagram of dental implant

Implants are made of titanium metal that “fuses” with the jawbone through a process called “osseointegration.” Osseointegration usually takes several months once the implant is put into the jawbone. Osseointegration, however, is why implants never slip or make noises like dentures and is why bone loss is usually not a problem.

Advantages to dental implants 

Easy to care for

Easier eating

More comfortable

Improved speech

Boosted appearance/self-confidence

Last a lifetime

diagram of dental implant
diagram of dental implant

Dr. Henry is using the most recent advances in technology. Our office is utilizing 3D treatment planning and navigation for placement of dental implants. With X-Guide navigated surgery, we utilize live 3D views of each patient’s anatomy. It is like GPS for our drill during the procedure. The X-Guide provides interactive, turn-by-turn guidance during the implant procedure for more exact implant placement. This allows for precisional placement of the implant which allows for better function and aesthetic outcome.

If you are looking for a way to get back a full smile that is both natural and cost-effective, call us today to find out more about dental implants.